Forensic Assessments

Our dedicated team includes both a forensic psychologist and a social worker to provide quality forensic assessment and treatment services. We provide professional opinions on the mental state and functionality of justice-involved adults including criminal defendants or parties involved in civil disputes. When appropriate, we take the stand as expert witnesses.

We conduct a range of assessments, including (but not limited to):

·       Violence risk assessment (including risk for sexual violence)

·       Malingering

·       Cognitive limitations and/or concerns

·       Diagnosis of mental health and/or personality disorders

·       Links between mental health and crime

·       Questions related to criminal responsibility

·       Abuse/Trauma/PTSD

We offer treatment for forensic-related mental health concerns, including (but not limited to):

·       Relapse prevention

·        Anger management


·       Substance/Alcohol abuse

·       Psychosis

·       Antisocial behaviors

·       Social skills training

·       Emotion regulation

·       Sexualized behaviour